Redefining the Travel Agency

Leveraging the power of expertise, connections and technology to optimize reward points, personalize trip experiences and deliver VIP treatment to our clients.

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What We Do


At MilesAhead, we use our one-of-a-kind relationships and travel wizardry to curate unforgettable experiences for our clients. For us, no two clients are alike and no two trips are the same. 



We utilize our expertise in frequent flyer mile and credit card point optimization to help our clients save thousands of dollars on airfare. An emphasis is placed on finding our clients the best value for their money in luxury travel. 

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The Process

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Reach out to the MilesAhead team.

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One of our advisors will connect with you to understand what you are looking for and share how we can best assist and add value.

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Once your itinerary is perfected, everything is booked and confirmed. We coordinate all logistics and provide full support throughout your trip.

After your trip, we always enjoy hearing about it and learning what we can do going forward to make your travel experience even better!


The Buzz

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Our family has been working with Rob Karp of Miles Ahead for the past few years. He has truly made a positive difference in our travel life. He listens carefully and is able to pick up quickly what our travel likes, needs, and concerns may be and always suggests a remarkable finished product. He represents an excellent balance providing travel comfort at a reasonable and acceptable financial level. His innovative approach to travel separates him from most other travel consultants and we plan to continue to approach him first with our travel needs.”
— Dr. Stillman, Minneapolis
MilesAhead goes above and beyond what any other travel company will do. I can communicate with them day or night and generally get a rapid and complete response. They’ve found great deals that I couldn’t replicate myself. I was amazed and very impressed.
— Allen
MilesAhead has always been there for me and my family in the most critical situations. From last-minute Christmas day flight changes to securing last-minute hotel and restaurant reservations, Rob and his team are first-rate and truly available 24/7. I highly recommend them to my friends, family and colleagues.”
— Jonathan, New York
Rob is a prodigy…he found mileage accrued we never knew we had and secured a penthouse in Rio for the Olympics for us, where hotels are scarce and in high demand. Love talking to him about his take on resort properties. He is a rising star!”
— Sheryl, San Francisco
In this age of self service or no service, it is so refreshing to work with a company like MilesAhead that is all about customer service. They are passionate about travel and know their stuff. Plus they are experts in using points to help you get there for less.
— Larry, New York
MilesAhead is far more responsive and personalized than other agencies. I’m never going back to normal travel agents.”
— Ryan, New York