A New Kind of Travel Agency

We are MilesAhead, a high-end travel advisory firm focused on reward point optimization and the client experience.


Our Story

When our Founder and President Rob was seven, he would wake up at the crack of dawn and take off in his simulated Boeing 747-400 from JFK.  He would rush home after school just in time to safely land in London’s Heathrow Airport. Beginning at an early age, Rob developed a passion for the travel business and a drive for an enlightened customer experience.

As he progressed in age, Rob learned about the power of points, continued to develop his airline know-how and began helping out family and friends in his spare time. Soon, what had started as a hobby became something greater — in November 2012, Rob opened Karp Enterprises LLC.

Today, Karp Enterprises LLC is now MilesAhead, a high-end travel advisory firm with a focus on reward point optimization and the client experience and Rob has been featured in various publications including Bloomberg TV and 

Our clients have said they "will never go back to normal travel agents.” With each new client, comes a new adventure — a new lesson is learned, a new relationship is born, and a new story is told. Work with us. We’re excited to plan your next journey. 


Proudly associated with Valerie Wilson Travel, a VIRTUOSO agency


The Experience

MilesAhead is not your average travel agency — think hospitality, innovation and keen attention to detail. Our clients say we go above and beyond what any other travel company will do. We are constantly on the road, checking out the coolest spots in awesome destinations and connecting with people who you need to know! 

Flights Team

Whether you're traveling for business or looking to get away from it all, our Flights team is your one stop shop. Comprised of driven, passionate and hospitable aviation nerds, our team prides themselves on using years of expertise, technology and innovative thinking to take your trip in the air to the next level. 


  • Find the most efficient flight pattern
  • Evaluate the use of reward points versus cash
  • Determine the optimal payment method


  • International Premium Class Airfare
  • Frequent flyer miles and credit card points (e.g AMEX)
  • Emergency flight support
  • Personal relationships with the airlines

Our team's innovative approach and diverse skill set allows us to take on any project. Whether flying to Cape Town for a honeymoon or taking a quick trip down to Fort Myers over break, we are here to help your trip take flight!

Recreation Team

Our Recreation team delivers “remarkable finished products” by creating an excellent balance between travel comfort and amazing experiences at an acceptable financial level. At MilesAhead, no two clients are alike, and each trip we design is unique.


  • Match clients with personalized destination recommendations
  • Curate personalized experiences while minimizing cost
  • Utilize our network of relationships and resources to enhance the level of your trip through passing on VIP status


  • Associated with Valerie Wilson Travel, a world-class travel consulting firm
  • Proud member of Virtuoso, the world's leading luxury and experiential travel network
  • Strong relationships with distinctive hotels, resorts, cruise lines, tour operators and airlines ensure our clients to exclusive privileges like upgrades, credits and VIP service amenities

The MilesAhead Difference

Actual situations in which our Flights and Recreation Teams set MilesAhead apart from the competition!

Flights Team

Business Class Airfare For a Family of 6 to Israel during Christmas

What the clients found
round trip airfare

The MilesAhead Difference
round trip (25% savings!)

Business Class Airfare For a Family of 4 to Italy during Summertime Peak Travel Season

What the clients were going to pay
per person, or 200,000 miles per person

The MilesAhead Difference
 miles per person (37.5% savings!)

Same-Day Flight Change For a Family of 5 from Cancun to New York

What the clients were told by the airline
change fee

The MilesAhead Difference
change fee & upgraded entire family to business class

Recreation Team

Last Minute Spring Break Ski Trip to Vail Ski Resort (14 days before trip)

What the clients found
price for flights and lodging, with a $7,500 budget

The MilesAhead Difference
$5,700 for the trip, all booked within 12 hours.

Family Stuck in Vail (Eagle County Airport) on the way to Aspen (I-70 closed)

Clients call us while we were out of the country

A group chat was created with 3 MilesAhead team members

Quote for a private jet, helicopter charter, and car transfer were provided for departure within 90 minutes

Sold-Out Restaurant Reservation at a Top 25 Restaurant in Washington, D.C.

What the client said
"I want a reservation for tomorrow night at 7:45pm"

The MilesAhead Difference
Connections used to secure a reservation at 7:45pm while the restaurant was sold-out.

Our Team

Our team is made up of 10 innovative, diverse, and passionate college-aged employees. The team ranges from urban planning majors to aspiring restaurateurs. Our diversity is one of the keys to our success — each member of the MilesAhead team serves a unique role and understands what it takes to go to the extra mile for our clients.


Rob Karp
Owner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Since founding MilesAhead at age 14, Rob has held a special passion for hospitality. Today, he is a student at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration and the youngest travel advisor in the Virtuoso network. Rob's skillset is diverse: he can optimize miles and points, personalize itineraries, and connect clients with the best services in the world. He loves to amaze his clients by saving them thousands of dollars or miles on flights, scoring them a huge upgrade at a hotel, or planning an exciting safari vacation for them.

One reason why MilesAhead clients return so often is Rob’s dedication to his clients, many of whom become his friends. Rob hopes to continue building MilesAhead so that he can provide his clients with the best travel experience possible.

Brian Becker
Chief Operating Officer

Brian is a student at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration. He joined the team in February 2016. As our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Brian heads our finance, marketing, operations, and employee relations departments with unique ingenuity: he once turned a $700 change fee on an airline ticket into a $60 refund in 30 minutes.

Outside of MilesAhead, Brian is interested in the food industry. He enjoys cooking his own dishes, having served as a sous chef at the Blum Center for Health, and worked as a team member at Shake Shack Grand Central Terminal. Brian looks forward to taking MilesAhead to the next level and working with Rob to revolutionize the travel industry.

Flights Team

Jack Kantor

Jack is a student at Cornell’s ILR school and an expert in flight management and itinerary service. A self-proclaimed geography and transportation nerd, Jack enjoys routing complex flight patterns and designing itineraries. When not working for MilesAhead, Jack writes for the Cornell Daily Sun and listens to classic rock.

Zach Falk

Zach is a student at Cornell majoring in urban studies and regional planning. Although this is Zach’s first major foray into the travel industry, he has held a lifelong passion for the transportation industry. Zach works with clients to organize international and domestic air travel and itineraries. Outside of MilesAhead, Zach likes biking and skiing.

Jonathan Friedman
Director, Luxury Experiences

Jonathan will be attending Vanderbilt University in the fall of 2016. At MilesAhead, Jonathan finds creative solutions to miles optimization problems, and has booked dozens of international first class and business class trips for clients, saving tens of thousands of dollars. Jonathan first started working with miles when he was 12 and claims that he has gotten the best sleep in his life on Singapore Air.

Recreation Team

Nelson Billington

Nelson is a student at Cornell's School of Hotel Administration. He is on the school's advisory board and has played an instrumental part in launching Anabel's Grocery, a store dedicated to providing convenient access to affordable food at Cornell. Nelson is also the Food & Wine Fellow for Washingtonian Magazine and has traveled extensively to Charleston, S.C., to study the relationship between farms and restaurants.


Michaela Petigrow

Michaela is a student at Boston University studying Hospitality Administration. She has interned at The Montague on the Gardens in London and Gemini Travel in New York, and has planned all of her family's trips since the age of six. A native of Westchester, N.Y., Michaela loves playing with her one-year-old mini golden labradoodle Theo.


Digital Strategy

Steven Post

Steve is a student in the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Born and raised in Westchester, Steve is well-traveled, taking spontaneous adventures whenever he is able to, whether it's flying to a tropical island, or just a road trip. Travel inspired Steve to become a photographer, and he captures every aspect of a trip.


Max Chu

Max is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University, studying Computer Science and Economics. He has lived almost all his life in New York City, and enjoys travel with family, cycling in Central Park, and learning new languages.

Advisory Board

Samuel Lewis
Senior Advisor


The Buzz

Media Coverage


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April 2016 Interview with Entrepreneurship@Dyson
"MilesAhead: Reinventing Travel, Crafting Experiences"


2014 Bloomberg TV interview with Rob


We love our clients, and they love us!

Our family has been working with Rob Karp of Miles Ahead for the past few years. He has truly made a positive difference in our travel life. He listens carefully and is able to pick up quickly what our travel likes, needs, and concerns may be and always suggests a remarkable finished product. He represents an excellent balance providing travel comfort at a reasonable and acceptable financial level. His innovative approach to travel separates him from most other travel consultants and we plan to continue to approach him first with our travel needs.”
— Dr. Stillman, Well-Renowned Physician, Minneapolis
MilesAhead goes above and beyond what any other travel company will do. I can communicate with them day or night and generally get a rapid and complete response. They’ve found great deals that I couldn’t replicate myself. I was amazed and very impressed.
— Allen, Professor of Finance @ Top 50 University
MilesAhead has always been there for me and my family in the most critical situations. From last-minute Christmas day flight changes to securing last-minute hotel and restaurant reservations, Rob and his team are first-rate and truly available 24/7. I highly recommend them to my friends, family and colleagues.”
— Jonathan, Corporate Executive, New York
Rob is a prodigy…he found mileage accrued we never knew we had and secured a penthouse in Rio for the Olympics for us, where hotels are scarce and in high demand. Love talking to him about his take on resort properties. He is a rising star!”
— Sheryl, Lawyer, San Francisco
In this age of self service or no service, it is so refreshing to work with a company like MilesAhead that is all about customer service. They are passionate about travel and know their stuff. Plus they are experts in using points to help you get there for less.
— Larry, Promotional Products CEO, New York
MilesAhead is far more responsive and personalized than other agencies. I’m never going back to normal travel agents.”
— Ryan, Serial Entrepreneur, New York

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